With our qualified staff, modern machines and machining centers, we can respond flexibly to diverse customer needs.
Production of serial fittings according to DIN, ANSI and other standards.

An efficient network of suppliers and partners makes a customer-oriented production in the required quality possible and ensure optimal service.

  • Reconditioning of gate valves, valves, special fittings and appendant actuation technology.
  • Reconditioning of final controlling devices and spare parts.
  • Testing, renewing and exchange of existing fittings and actuations.
  • Contracts for controlling and maintenances of pipeline systems and installations.
  • Calculation and dimensioning of fittings for new installations.
  • Creations of project materials for substance containing systmes like pipelines, fittings, final control devices and pumps.
  • Conductions of sonic measurings, cavitation analysis, flow measurings in existing installations and in the testing field.
  • Obtaining of admissions and approvats from approvement authorities.
  • Automation of fittings.